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state of the art / refresher

Many of our experts are also among the world's leading teaching professionals. One of the missions of Novametrics is to maintain regular training in cutting edge science and technology. State of the art courses are provided in order to allow professionals who rely upon using these methods to remain abreast of all recent relevant developments. The technology and scientific methodology moves ahead quickly and steadily while, at the same time, close behind, major progress is being made in providing the most comprehensive software. Lively software development is key to ensuring the availability of scientific progress. One of our missions is to ensure that the applied engineer and scientist is kept fully up to date with these developments. Mindful also of the need to have a within house seamless range of competences, from the student to the world leader, we also offer refresher courses aimed at sharpening and improving skills at all levels. All of our courses can be tailored to take into account the specific

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constraints and organisational needs of the client. We will work with you step by step.

Whatever your training and educational needs, it is always worth talking to us to find ways for your own teams to move forward, from an on-site visit to freeing up the time of key engineering support for them to attend workshops in which, alongside colleagues from similar companies, they keep abreast of the most recent cutting edge technology. Some of your needs are very specific. Others are shared with colleagues.

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