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The slides below are copyrighted and NOT to be used in part or whole without first seeking the permission of the author(s). Please do NOT share without permission. 

Alexia Iasonos Session 1

Alexia Iasonos Session 2

Alexia Iasonos Session 3

Alexia Iasonos Session 4

Alexia Iasonos Session 5

John O'Quigley Session 1

John O'Quigley Session 2

John O'Quigley Session 3

Matthieu Clertant 

Graham Wheeler Session 1

Graham Wheeler Session 2

Graham Wheeler Session 3

It would help us to know how you found the course. If you have a  minute would you mind filling out the following. Please write A. Anonymous and if you prefer to remain anonymous. In particular we would like to know if you think: the statistical content was, about right/too theoretical/not theoretical enough. Was the pace too slow/too fast/about right. Were the topics covered too many/not enough/about right. Were the breaks for lunch and coffee too many or too long? Or just right.


Thank you from all of us. Alexia, Matthieu, Graham and John 

Thanks! Message sent.

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