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Novametrics is an international association of scientists, engineers and problem solvers, each one a leading expert in his or her own field. We are present in each continent apart from Antartica. We have the expertise, you have the need and the mission of Novametrics is to bring us together in the most productive way possible. 


John O'Quigley
Ty Worthington

Chief scientific advisor

Project coordinator

Having worked over several decades as Professor of Mathematics at a number of the world's leading institutions, John decided to reach out beyond colleagues of the scientific community to those who need state of the art expertise, helping to blur the distinction between academic and applied research,.

Ty makes a central contribution in terms of the construction of a broad vision on the future development of Novametrics. Weaving new projects into current and anticipated projects requires a combination of great attention to detail alongside a keen sense of the overall direction the company is taking.

Kate W Carroll


In the era of so-called big data it is necessary to have full mastery of all the different ways in which information can be transmitted. Kate joined Novametrics upon returning to England after a very diverse career in the flying industry where the importance of error detection was paramount.

Geoff Duckhouse


Geoff has more than 30 years experience as financial controller and spreadsheet master with a number of organisations, At Novametrics, Geoff relies on his business skills to ensure the smooth running of several simultaneous projects. Geoff's financial expertise enables the scientists to focus on the science.


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